All are welcome! Each “regular” remembers what it feels like to walk into the studio for the first time. Therefore, we want newbies to feel like we do now….at home!

how/what to pay:

We are a donation-based studio and suggest $5 per class (no donation accepted for Morning Prayer). A “begging bowl” is located on the shelf as you walk in. Please place your cash or check donation there. We are working on setting up a way for you to make your donation with a card when you arrive. Thank you for your willingness to contribute to providing affordable yoga for our community - with highly qualified instructors in a friendly and comfortable setting.

What to wear:

Depending on the class. POWER: We suggest tight-fitting top and pants. Leggings are better than shorts. Sweaty legs get slippery. GENTLE: We suggest tight enough fitting top and pants that won’t reveal things you don’t want seen when you bend over or spread your legs apart. RESTORATIVE and LONGSLOWDEEP: Extremely comfy is the name of the game. Pajamas are fine! Pants might follow same rule of thumb as GENTLE.

what to bring:

We have high quality Manduka mats you are welcome to use. Bring your own if you want.

POWER CLASSES: We provide clean towels for wiping sweat. Some people use large towels to place over mat to absorb sweat and make the mat less slippery. (Yogitoes by Manduka) Please bring water for hydrating your body. If you borrow a mat from the studio wipe it down and spray it with mat cleaner, wipe with clean towel. Leave on the floor to dry.


Come to class 10-15 minutes early. Late comers are welcome but please be mindful that late arrivals disrupt the class already underway and enter quietly. Thank you.