Please silence your phone upon entering the studio and leave it with your things away from the practice area.

If you are expecting an urgent call (childcare, etc.) and need to have it close by you, please leave it on silent.

If you forget to silence your phone and it goes off in class — ignore it! Use its urgent plea as a challenge to stay present in your practice. If it goes off repeatedly, please quietly leave your mat and silence it, trying not to disturb the others.

Please refrain from taking selfies. Your practice is not for show. It’s for you. Save your selfies for after class when you’re a sweaty mess!


Please remove your watch and leave it with your things…. ESPECIALLY if it is an iPhone watch!

A note about fitness trackers: If you use your watch to track your fitness…good for you!…but try not using it for yoga. Let your yoga practice be yoga…non-judging, non-competing, non-tracking. Practice with being ok with what is in the moment. Trust that you are getting exactly what you need by simply moving through your body mindfully.

You don’t need a device to tell you what your body already knows.

farts happen:

Nobody wants to let ‘er rip but occasionally one sneaks out. If it happens to you, you have two choices: either play like it didn’t happen or own it completely!! The others in class will likely follow your lead: ignore it or laugh with you. Basically, they will be glad it wasn’t them, but deep down know their time is coming. Just don’t worry about it!